Berg Compact Pink BFR

Berg Compact Pink BFR

Berg Compact Pink BFR

A colourful and trendy go-kart, that’s the BERG COMPACT PINK! Thanks to its pink frame, spoiler and the colourful stickers, the Compact Pink has an eye-catching look. With its compact dimensions the Compact Pink is light and agile, maneuverable and easy to store. It also features the unique BFR system. This is the ideal go-kart for fashionable and tough girls.




  • BFR Hub: Stands for Brake, Forward, Reverse and allows the driver to pedal forward, coast with pedals static, pedal back slightly to engage coaster brake and continue pedalling in reverse to drive backwards
  • Rubber tube tires with a hybrid tread help to keep the kart rolling on or off road with very little resistance. Sealed bearings in the white rims allow the kart to roll effortlessly.
  • Swing axle allows all 4 wheels to be constantly in contact with the ground regardless of the terrain.
  • Front spoiler makes your go-kart more aerodynamic
  • Adjustable seat allows for your Berg Compact Sport to grow with your child.
  • Intuitive chain tensioners for easy maintenance.
  • Upright parking for compact storage.
  • Parking brake.
  • Optional extra: additional seat so you can take a friend along!
  • Suits Ages: 5 - 99
  • Dimensions: L 140 x W 75 x H 81 cm
  • Weight: 35 kg
  • Max. User Weight 80 kg
  • Warranty: 2 years limited


The price for this beautiful Go-kart is $690. Please contact us for the additional freight cost. Suitable for Private & Commercial use.


Click here to watch a video of this Go-Kart
SKU SKU17612
Weight 35.00 kg
Please contact us for pricing

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